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Pramod K Ram – Online Marketing Professional

So much has changed since 2009 that I have been a Search Engine Optimization Professional! Compatibility of Websites with Search Engines for high ranks has been the challenge. I witnessed Online Marketing grow tremendously with greater competition. Technology grew rapidly.

Business has certainly changed so much in the Digital World. Earlier, it would be interpersonal and communication skills. You needed to impress people face to face. Nowadays, the scenario has shifted to the online world. Website does the talking for any business and Social Channels for the brands.

Complexities of the Online World

I wonder if online marketing makes sense to non-technical persons. It is not so difficult to understand after all, consider Social Media Marketing. The online world is replacing the real world of neighbors and friends these days. Like-minded people gather and communicate through text, pictures and videos too.

Connecting with a variety of Social Media Platforms like Twitter and Facebook would circulate messages about products and services. Absolutely millions of surfers crowd the internet daily and a vast audience is well within reach with the right approaches.

Maybe I put it too simply but that is partly the truth. Market research is essential as is knowledge of the software. Besides, market conditions online are constantly changing as in the real world. Keeping up with the constantly diversifying scenario is a great challenge. Staying ahead of the competition keeps SEO specialists on their toes.

How Can I Help You?

I start with client plans and expectations. Assuming that an outstanding website has been created, getting ready for the launch is exciting. The analysis now begins of the website, the online traffic, and the competition. Is every part of the website like the keywords in keeping with the expected practice? Are the articles of the expected length? Is the website easy to navigate and surfer friendly?

Several other aspects need to be worked upon. Lead generation, link building and conversion rate optimization are some of them. They may be too technical for general understanding. In the present day world, mobile applications have become very important. The world is shifting more and more towards smartphones instead of bulky gadgets like laptops.

The internet does appear immensely complex and that is the truth. Yet, how do the big businesses succeed and grow globally? The campaign should be considered one aspect at a time. Online Reputation Management, for instance. Ways and means exist to create an attractive image for the company or product or person just like it is done in television advertising. Manipulation of interests to suit the client can be achieved in several ways.

Google Analytics forms a major part of the campaign just like identifying the right set of keywords and website configuration. Working at the grassroots is essential, rather than a top-down approach.

Creativity Will Attract

In spite of excessive ever-changing technological requirements, creativity needs to be stressed. While individual search engine requirements have to be met, aesthetic concerns are very important in attracting attention. Shall we call it digital creativity? WordPress, Photoshop and DreamWeaver are some of the software that allows plenty of creative skills. Surfers wish to reach the most creatively satisfying websites. Quality of products and services is also important and reputations spread quickly online.

Let The Battle Begin

Online campaigns work like a dream, media based like television too. Yet those dreams are stuffed with technology that is constantly evolving. WordPress is a major website building software and they have hundreds of functionality plugins. Customer Relationship Management Software has assembled a range of functions under a single platform. It is like having the bank, post office and marketplace under the same roof.

SEO is that little secret that would make the final difference to business success. I assure of the best SEO campaigns to attract customers and revenue online.

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You landed to a right website. But let me tell you very clearly I am a learner as I have to always learn and understand best SEO practices by updating myself with Search Engines Algorithms & Social Channels Updates to plan the digital marketing strategy for my customers. I do provide SEO, SEM, PPC, ORM, Online Marketing and Digital Marketing Services.